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BuyerÔÇÖs Guide

Below is a collection of selected topics from our FAQ that we have gathered into one place to create our easy-to-read Buyer’s Guide.  Simply click on your topics of interest and you’ll be menu cover shopping with confidence in no time.


The basics

+ How do I choose the right menu cover?

+ How long will my menu covers last?

+ Do menu cover sizes refer to the size of the menu paper or the menu cover?

+ How many menu covers / accessories should I order?

+ Can I get a free sample of the product that I am interested in buying?

+ If I want to order a product in a color, shape, or size that I don’t see offered on your site can I obtain it through a custom order?


Placing artwork onto your menu covers

+ How do I send artwork for printing onto my menu covers?

+ How do I send artwork for displaying in cut-out picture windows on my menu covers?

+ How much does it cost to have my artwork printed onto my products?

+ How much does it cost to have my artwork displayed in a cut-out picture window?

+ May I see how my artwork will look on my menu covers before you produce them?


Receiving your order

+ How long will it take for my order to arrive?


For answers to more questions, please visit our full set of FAQ