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How to Send Artwork

For printing onto your products

*The reality for most customers: It’s very easy

The vast majority of our customers simply attaches and sends whatever electronic file contains their artwork via our product pages. Artwork files that we receive are typically in JPEG or TIFF formats (although we can accommodate other file formats). 

It is the rare customer who has their artwork saved in the ideal digital format (see below), but that should not worry you because most customers simply pay a $70 one-time fee to have us adjust their artwork so that it is ready for printing.

*The ideal format: It would be great, but this is not required

The ideal files for you to send would contain black & white vector outlined artwork. In practice, very few customers have such files (or know exactly what they are). 

Multi-color designs should be sent with separate black & white files for each color in the design as well as a color file showing the entire design.

There should be no fine lines or high level of detail in the artwork because images spread a small amount when printed. Lines should be at least 5 pts and lettering at least 24 pts. The artwork file should be at least 300 dpi. 

Adhering to the above standards should allow you to avoid an art-reworking fee.


For displaying in cut-out picture windows

*Laminated window inserts (available when ordering online)

Simply attach and send whatever electronic file contains your artwork via our product pages. We will print and laminate the images before placing them into your product’s cut-out picture window. We do not adjust artwork that is used for laminated images displayed in cut-out picture windows.

*Other types of window inserts (only available through a custom order)

Sending artwork for other types of window insert materials (this includes brushed aluminum, copper, and menu cover material inserts) is accomplished in the same way you send artwork for printing onto your products (see the top of this page).  

We will determine the appropriate cut-out window size and shape after receiving your artwork and you will approve a digital proof of the artwork before we proceed with production.